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Boom Barriers or Boom gates are automated metal barriers used to prevent unauthorized entry of a vehicle at entry or exit gates (most commonly). Boom Barriers are usually installed in dynamic areas like parking lots, shipyards, residential areas, Toll Plazas, Corporate offices, Airport terminals, railway stations and other commercial areas of high importance. At Vashishta, we provide different variants of pass gate barriers and stop gate barriers. We offer a wide range of barriers that are loaded with essential features as long-range setup, automatic, manual and maintenance-free parking boom barriers.

These barriers are fabricated and installed after extensive research to deliver efficient operation of regulating and monitoring vehicular traffic. The Boom Barrier services we offer come with Barrier systems those can be integrated with different access solutions and also be integrated into third party systems like fire alarm systems to be able to be to manage emergencies efficiently.

The Choice of installation of Boom Barrier systems depends on the purpose of use and the area. Following are the key features of installing automated boom barrier systems –

  • * Designed for heavy-duty operation
  • * The boom arms of different length allow traffic barriers to meet any particular requirement of private areas and commercial or industrial companies.
  • * Several versions of automatic barrier are available such as hydraulic & electromechanical.
  • * Dual speed of the barrier ensures quick opening and closing of the barrier with soft landing.
  • * Boom barriers are easy to operate through push button/remote control systems/magnetic loop detectors/ pc and even through mobile phone.
  • * M.S Adjustable grill below boom (optional) prevents the unauthorized intruders to move inside below the boom.
  • * Adjustable support stand for boom (optional) provides soft landing to the barrier & increase the life of the barrier.
  • * Anti crush safety device comes inbuilt in the system of security barrier gates
  • * All Barriers are supplied with plug in control board and balancing system already set.
  • * Quick release disengaging mechanism enables changeover to manual operation very easily in case of power failure.

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