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DVR or a Digital Video Recorder is an electronic device used to convert signals to video files and then store them in a digital format in a mass storage device such as a hard disk. Analog cameras are usually connected to DVR for recording and storing of the captured footage sustainably. A DVR is designed with features such as motion detection, real-time playback, recording, and back-up, these devices are well-known for their easy setup features. Digital Video recorders are capable of producing high-quality imagery in lesser storage space.

The key features of Digital Video Recorder system Multi-Channel streaming and live streaming support include

  • * Complete Design and Development on TI OMAP platform
  • * Support for Analog and IP Cameras
  • * DSP based system offers a low per channel cost solution
  • * Event based video recording (Data Storage in .MKV format)
  • * Support for Live, Multi-Channel Recording and Playback
  • * Real-time performance with H.246 or MPEG4 video compression
  • * Media transport over RTP/RTSP
  • * Local Live display over HDMI and Analog TV
  • * Application based on streamer media frameworks
  • * Available in 4/8/16/32/64 channel

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