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A Network video recorder or an NVR is a network affiliated computer system that propagates essential functionalities such as video management, recording, and storage. Network video recorders usually have a common VMS software Network video recorder configuration that can be run on a Windows operating system while there is also other dedicated software built to fit into specific NVR devices.

The video management feature of the NVR includes dynamic features like marking a recording schedule for cameras and motion detection to start capturing every physical moment in the domain. Each system supports managing 16-100 cameras. Thus making NVR a very versatile device for managing captured footage. Besides these exquisite features, there are hybrid NVR available that support both analog and IP cameras.

Key Features of a Network Video Recorder Setup include

  • Easy installation and Usage
  • Outstanding user interface that auto-detects existing camera devices
  • Displays a map that enables you to select require cameras
  • Access to watch live or recorded video footage on local, remote or mobile devices
  • Advanced features that help in easy selection and export of selected files/data
  • Time-based recording that can be variable in each camera specifically as required

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