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Turnstile gates are devices used to regulate the entry or exit of an individual or a prohibited material into secured premises. Tripod turnstile gates are usually employed in places with high pedestrian traffic and with these systems in place one can ensure safety and security of the premises since these gate systems only allow authorized entry or exit moments. Tripod turnstile gates are gates fabricated using three poles on the same height being inclined at equal angles to as to rotate with each entry or exit action. Tripod turnstile are usually seen in stadiums, amusement parks, metro stations, commercial areas, corporate offices and other similar places which are usually under strict surveillance due to high anonymous footfall.

The most advantageous feature of turnstile tripod gates is that they can be integrated with scanners and access control systems to prevent unauthorized entry or entry of prohibited materials into a secured environment efficiently. These turnstile gates are usually installed in places that require high security, since most of the tripod turnstile gates are used in outdoor areas they are made using stainless steel of high quality that highly corrosion resistant and does not rust easily.

Key features of High-security tripod turnstile gates are as follows

  • Turnstile gates provide bidirectional passage. Hence they can be preferred in places with the same entrance and exit places.
  • Tripod turnstile gates are manufactured in a way that makes them highly durable and requires very minimal maintenance.
  • Easy installation and integration with access control software make turnstile gates highly versatile.
  • Requires no manual monitoring, can also be operated manually.

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