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Turnstile gates are devices used to restrict the entry of an unauthorized individual from entering or exiting a place. Turnstile gate systems are highly useful in areas with high footfall where security can be at stake. Turnstile gate systems are usually installed in factories, corporate offices, buildings, amusement parks, stadiums, Movie theatres and other similar places where the crowd is present in high numbers.

At Vashishta we provide a wide range of products in turnstile gate systems that are designed with the finest quality of stainless steel metal that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The turnstile gates are manufactured using 304 grade or 316 grade (finest quality) stainless steel to avoid internal or external damages like rusting. Turnstile gate installations can be integrated to access control systems to furnish ticketing systems for entering or exiting a location. Access control turnstiles are usually installed in stadiums, amusement parks, metro stations and other similar places where ticket or access for entering or exiting is mandatory.

Following are the key features of Turnstile gate systems

  • Turnstile gate installations or access control turnstiles are often executed to monitor authorized entry of an individual especially with access (ticket)
  • Access control turnstiles allow free lane space for exit in case of emergencies/power failure with the arm dropping feature.
  • Turnstile gate systems are available in both automatic and manual versions.
  • Turnstile gate installations are usually available in two different ranges- Half-height turnstile and Full-height turnstile.
  • Turnstile gate installations serve best in locations where there is a requirement to monitor huge pedestrian traffic without having to compromise on the security protocols.
  • Eliminates the possibility of anyone jumping over the turnstile and restrict any prohibited materials to exit or enter into any secured premises.

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